Friday, June 7, 2013

My review for First I Love You by Genevieve Dewey -- 4 out of 5 stars

This book is very unique. I have never read a book where there are so many point of views throughout the entire book. In this series, you get 6 different point of views. First you have Tommy and Ginny. Tommy is the son of an alleged mobster. He tries his whole life to distance himself from his father's name and to be the man of the house for his mom. He even becomes a cop which is a brave move in my opinion because his father is very well known to be involved in many illegal activities. Tommy starts working with Ginny who is a FBI agent to find the ring leader to a human trafficking scheme. Of course, Ginny and Tommy work closely together and Ginny starts falling for Tommy. Tommy has some feelings but he is very reserved, and doesn't like to show emotion. Then you have Kiki and James. Their point of views are the best in the series. I love Kiki and how smart she is and very feisty. I feel bad for her because everybody thinks she is some dumb spoiled brat that has a gangster for a father. She is nothing like people think. When her and James meet there is some instant chemistry but of course James treats her really mean. James feels bad about the way he treated her when they first met. He goes to Kiki's apartment with the goal of apologizing but instead it is a start of a love affair that he needs to keep hidden. Kiki is the daughter of a mobster (Mickey Downey), and James is DEA. So of course their relationship is going to be hard to keep if at all. I don't think James had any intention of ever loving a woman but he falls for Kiki very hard. The same for Kiki. Their love affair is the best part of the whole book for me. I love when Tommy finds out. It is hilarious to see how Tommy reacts. Poor James....he falls hard and becomes a love sick puppy that follows Kiki around. Finally, you have the point of view of Mary who is Tommy's mother and former mistress to Mickey Downey. You get a look at how her relationship was with Mickey who is Tommy's father as well as Kiki's. Even though he is part of a world that she doesn't like she still loves him. I really feel bad for Mary because she had to watch Mickey get married to somebody else and then have a child with Mickey and practically raised him by herself. However, Mickey may be a bad man and involved in many illegal activities but he was raised in this world, and it is all he has ever known. His love for Mary and Tommy is so sad. He always loved them from a distance and never stopped loving Mary. Mickey stayed away from Tommy for seven years just like Tommy asked him to. But you find out that Mickey has record of every single accomplishment that Tommy ever had. I cried about that. All Mickey ever wanted was to be part of Tommy's life but stayed away because Tommy asked him to. Tommy was only 10 years old and thought he was protecting his mom, when he asked his dad to leave them alone. Mary sees how she is partly responsible for her son growing up without a father, and for the relationship Mickey and Tommy don't have. All these characters are brought together in this series, and you watch all the drama unfold. Their is love, mystery, and a tad of action all wrapped up in one. In the beginning it starts off a little slow but eventually it picks up and then you can't put it down. I found myself reading one point of view and then wondering what the other point of view would say or was thinking. I'm glad I had the chance to read this book, which is the first in the trilogy.

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