Friday, June 27, 2014

Race to Kill by Rachel Kall 4 stars out of 5

Race to Kill (Love and Scandal, #1)Race to Kill by Rachel Kall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a good book. I couldn't put it down. There was suspense, mystery, and romance all in one book. Not a book to read when going to bed. I couldn't put it down. Must read:)

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Alluring Temptation by Skye Turner 4.5 stars out of 5

Alluring Temptation (Bayou Stix, #3)Alluring Temptation by Skye Turner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Liam and Clove sure do have some sparks between the two of them. Liam changes so much and it was great to see him turn into the man he was raised to be. I felt for Clove because of her feelings of being alone. I completely understand that feeling. The only thing I wish there was more of was the ending. It just ended and I still wanted more. Maybe an epilogue or one last chapter but other than that the book was awesome!!! I'm sure we will get updates on the next book.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blind Love by M.S. Brannon (Sulfur Heights #3) 5 stars out of 5

I love this series. Still expect to cry but I promise it is well worth the tears. I fell in love with Jake.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Blindfold Fantasy by DL Roan 5 Stars out of 5

This is a very HOT book but what surprised me the most is that it was not all about sex.  Yes there are menage sex scenes but I got hooked with each character.  There was some suspense and drama.  Each character has skeletons in their closets and try to ignore them.  We know that never works for long.  The three characters didn't go into this relationship blindly but it was a very bumpy road for all of them.  I loved it and can't wait for more from this author.