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Abel Cover Reveal by Elizabeth Reyes. The book is coming soon but here is a sneak peek :)

Disclaimer: Some details are subject to change during rewrites. 

Abel (5th Street #4)
“I’m game if you’re game,” Nellie said, staring at him anxiously.
A man’s burning urges often ignore all logic. Abel Ayala knew this was all this was. A day of sipping on cocktails and lying around the deck of a cruise ship watching scantily-clad bikini-wearing women giving him the go-ahead smiles had done it to him. But now he stood here staring into Nellie Gamboa’s eyes, a divorcee eight years older than he was who from what he’d heard was still carrying a load of emotional baggage—probably still held a torch for her ex as well. She was someone he would not and should not be thinking of in terms of releasing some sexual tension, damn it.
The fact that she’d turned her life around after what had been hailed by his friend’s wife and Nellie’s best friend, Roni, as one of the most grueling experiences any woman could go through didn’t help. She’d gone and shaped up and did a complete makeover from the mousy woman he once remembered her as. If he didn’t know it, he’d never even guess this sexy-as-hell woman would be hitting thirty soon. The sexual tension between them had been a living breathing thing and going on for months now. Only up until now he thought he might be imagining her requited feelings of lust.
His twenty-two-year-old ass had no business with a woman her age—no business getting involved with Roni’s best friend—especially knowing full well that he’d never take a relationship with her seriously. But this changed things. Nellie was telling him she was all for a no-strings-attached relationship. She was as interested in anything serious as he was. Coming off what she called the divorce from hell, she said she wanted to live it up now. He was glad for the liquid courage Nellie’s wine had provided. She said she was all for a fun-and-run experience and she’d had her eye on him for some time.
It was still a risk, his brain reasoned. Things could sour. This could even cause a rift between him and his good friend’s wife if any hurt feelings came from this. But the already throbbing parts of his body said otherwise.
She tilted her head in that sexy way she did so often with curved lips that practically called out for his. To hell with logic! Pulling her delicate frame against his immediately released some of the pent-up tension that had been building every time he’d been around her lately.
Swallowing hard, he stared at those lips—lips he’d wondered far too many times what they must taste like. “Hell yeah, I’m game,” he said as he took her mouth in his. Feeling a desire like none he’d ever felt before, he kissed her deeply, sucking her tongue, her lips. Damn, he wanted to eat her up.
He’d been fighting it—over thinking it—for months. This was just his ever-so-curious body’s reaction to finally giving into a longing that had peaked tonight as they’d enjoyed a few friendly dances. That’s all it was. But he needed more than just a kiss now. God he wanted so much more, and since she was game . . . He pulled away from her just long enough to catch his breath and take a look around the almost-empty deck.
“I’d invite you back to my room, but Hector and Charlee might—”
She tugged his hand and was already on the move. “Let’s go back to mine.”
The second the elevator doors closed, Abel pushed her against the wall, pulling her by the waist to him, and his mouth and tongue sucked at every inch of hers. She panted softly, running her fingers through his hair as he moved down to her soft neck and sucked softly then a little rougher.
As the moving elevator came to a stop, Abel tore himself away. No sooner had the doors opened when they were out in a rush to her room. They turned the corner down the long corridor of rooms.
“How far down?” Abel asked.
“All the way to the end,” she replied, taking even longer strides.
Feeling crazed with anticipation, Abel’s eyes searched for the ice/vending machine room like the one on his floor. The moment he saw it, he pulled her in it.
He answered her confused expression with a kiss as he closed the door and pushed her against it. “I need to refuel.”
All right, he needed to get laid more often. This was ridiculous. Obviously he’d been spending too much time training and not enough socializing, because he’d never felt this kind of urgency. Duly noted—he’d move a few things around in his schedule. She lifted her leg, bringing it around him.
“Careful,” he warned, biting her lower lip, “or I may just finish you up right here.”
“Do it,” was her only response and he froze.
Pulling back to look in her eyes, he could see she was serious. “Right here?” He asked, his hand already traveling down under her dress.
She nodded as his fingers felt the dampness between her legs and how hot she already was, pushing his heart into overdrive. He squeezed his eyes shut as he leaned his forehead against hers. “Sweetheart, don’t play with me.”
“I’m not,” she assured him breathlessly.
Abel opened his eyes, looking down at her big brown eyes. Up until that moment, he’d never noticed the golden specks that were sprinkled throughout. The desire he saw in them now was as urgent as his own, although he didn’t miss the slightest bit of apprehension. He couldn’t blame her. Anyone could walk in on them, though he was certain he’d be able to hold the door closed against the force of any one person or maybe two if they pushed against it. At least until he was sure she was decent. But he didn’t want her doing anything she wasn’t completely certain about.
“Are you sure about this?” He slipped his finger under her panties, her moisture inviting him all the way in.
She gasped, closing her eyes at his touch and nodded. “The kiss on the deck,” she said, her eyes remaining closed. Abel stared at her lips as she continued to speak a little more breathlessly with every caress of his finger to her silky wet skin. “The elevator . . . This . . . It’s exciting. I’ve never done something so . . .”
Nellie stopped to swallow, licking her lips, and Abel kissed her before she could finish. She didn’t have to. Suddenly the need to make this happen for her, make this experience with him be one she’d never forget, took over. It was just an ego thing. Nothing more. What guy didn’t like knowing they were a woman’s first anything?
Abel reached for his wallet, but his lips never left hers. She kissed him back just as urgently, her hands grasping the front of his shirt. She gasped harder at the sound of his zipper opening. So he stopped and looked at her wide eyes. “I’m sure,” she said before he could ask again, pulling him to her, and he groaned against her mouth.
Working fast, he got the condom on and reached under her sundress, pulling her panties down. When they hit the floor, he lifted her easily off the ground. “Wrap your legs around me.”
She did and he adjusted her, groaning loudly as he entered her. Kissing her harder now as he fucked her against the door, he tried in vain to stifle his moaning, but it felt so damn good to be inside her. Here he’d been under the assumption that women who had been married, especially for several years, wouldn’t be this tight. She was tighter than some of the younger women he’d been with, and it felt just too damn good to finally be doing what he could only fantasize about up until now—so good it was almost alarming.
With her arms tightly wound around his neck, she began to pant with every thrust, and he went even harder, her panting growing more frantic as he felt her begin to pulsate around him each time he slid into her. Just as her entire body began to tremble with pleasure, he felt her arms tighten around his neck as she pulled her mouth away from him to breathe and cry out. Abel couldn’t hold it any longer either. Groaning again, he came in an explosive climax. Sinking deep inside her, he pushed his body against hers, burying his face in her sweet neck. Nellie clung onto him for dear life, gasping for air.
“We’re…” Nellie started to say before stopping to catch her breath, “still going back to my room, right?”
Abel smiled, squeezing her naked behind and looked up into her somewhat embarrassed eyes. “You bet this hot little ass we are. That was just an appetizer. I hope you have all night, because what I have in mind is gonna take that long.”

Her eyes sparkled now with excitement and she nodded. Hot damn! She was going to be more fun than he’d expected.
In case any of you are wondering if this will be another conflict about their age difference like in Noah's story. Let me assure it is not. There will be a whole other conflict these two will be dealing with in the midst of getting it on and on and... well you get what these two might be doing a lot of. Right? ;)
 Are you ready for this????!!!! Here is an additional short excerpt/teaser---WOO!!!!WOO!!!
Disclaimer: Details subject to change in final rewrites.
The sound coming from Nellie’s phone again woke them both. Abel had actually woken up a few hours prior when it had beeped a few times. Now it was ringing. He’d almost snuck out earlier while she slept soundly as he had all the other times. She hadn’t even stirred from the phone beeping. But he got caught up watching Nellie sleep. He knew now he must’ve dozed off again because the last thing he remembered was lying back on the pillow to gaze at that peaceful very content expression on her face.

Not missing the surprised double take she did when she realized he was still in bed with her, Abel smirked, watching her reach for her phone. The second she glanced at the screen, she sat up quickly.
“Shit! Is that the right time?”

“Long exhausting nights will do that to you.” Abel didn’t even try to hide the immense satisfaction the very thought gave him. Bringing his hands behind his head in no hurry at all to get going, he smiled smugly. In fact, he couldn’t think of anything better than sticking around and going a few more rounds with Nellie. “But it’s Saturday, so it’s okay to sleep in, right?”

Nellie’s phone rang again, and already she was making her way off of the bed. “Yeah, but I’m supposed to meet someone this morning.” Grabbing a robe from the chair next to her bed, she flung it around her and held her hand up to Abel, while clicking the screen on her phone and bringing it to her ear before he could ask who she was meeting. “Logan? I’m so sorry. I’m running really late, but I can meet you in like forty minutes?”

In direct contrast to how fast he felt his insides warm, Abel sat up slowly, staring at her. He’d had a feeling from day one that if it ever came down to it that he might be a little bothered to hear about her with someone else. It was to be expected, right? Human nature. But he hadn’t expected to feel what he was feeling now.

“Oh, The Country Kitchen sounds delish. Their breakfasts are huge and I’m starving actually.”

He continued to stare at her with a bit of curiosity and something else as she rummaged through her drawers. This had to be business. No way was she jumping out of bed with him to go meet another guy for breakfast. Sure they had an unspoken understanding—no fucking demands and all that shit—but he’d been certain Nellie had more class than this. Was she really chatting it up with another dude while he was still lying naked in her bed listening to her?

The rest of her conversation with the guy was frustrating. The guy was obviously doing most of the talking because she wasn’t saying much more than “uh huh,” so she wasn’t giving him much more to go on about who this Logan guy was.
The choice of clothes she laid out on the bed as she continued with her call only made his insides warmer. Instead of a business suit like the ones that drove him nuts, she laid out a pair of jeans and casual knit top. As off-putting as the idea of her wearing a sexy skirt suit to go meet Logan at the Country Kitchen was, it would’ve at least meant this was for sure a business meeting, not a casual breakfast date with a guy.

He’d gotten out of bed himself now and watched as she brought out the big sexy wedge sandals from her closet. She finally hung up just as he’d finished pulling on his pants. He stared at her as he buttoned his fly, doing his best to keep his cool. If he blew up now, this whole thing could come to an end, as he’d known it would from the beginning, but he didn’t know if he was ready to end this just yet.

“I’m sorry,” she explained, still rushing around the room. “I don’t mean to run out on you like this, but if I’d have known you’d still be here this morning, I could’ve cancelled this last night.” She paused her rushing for a moment to glance at him a bit uneasy. “I just assumed, you know, like all the other times . . .” She looked away before she added the last comment. “That you’d be gone when I woke.”

Swallowing hard, he took in a slow breath. No way was he going to blow this. He knew he was walking on a tightrope. One wrong move and he could go down head first or worse. He could do the very thing they’d both said they wouldn’t do, and the tightrope could snap altogether, leaving no possibility of climbing back on. But he had to ask. “Who’s Logan?”

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Good luck and if you are like me I can't wait until this book comes out.  At the moment there is still no set date, but that's okay.  It will be worth the wait.

More to come on the blog tour for Nina Lane's new book Arouse

The contest to win a copy of a free ebook of Arouse will be posted on my blog on May 4th....Stay tuned.

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New book by Katie Ashley on sale at Amazon for $.99.....Only for one day--Don't miss out!!!-- Don't Hate The Player..Hate The Game

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Love Me Always by Anna Davis Sequel to I Hate You....I Think

Coming Soon!!!

I can't wait for this one.  A must read.

I Hate You...I Think

Everlyn Fox has just started college, a new start out of her rough home life. What she doesn't know is that she's about to get twisted up into a world of gangs, illegal street racing, bloody brawling and her temperamental but caring English Professor, Oliver Wolfe. Will he be able to protect her from his arch rival Jason Martin who seems hell bend on revenge?
 Okay I am so pissed about the ending. I can't get much information on the author to see if there is going to be a sequel which is making me more irritated. Anyways the whole story was good. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. BUT......only problem I had was there were soooooooooooooooooooooo many typos and grammar issues. It slows the pace of the reading and bugged me to death throughout the book. Sometimes when it is so bad I just stop reading the book but for some reason I couldn't put this one down. I hope there is sequel because the story ended with a HUGE cliffhanger!!!! Since the story was awesome I gave it a 4 star rating. If you can make it pass the typos and grammar/spelling issues then I would recommend this book.

About this author

Anna Davis is a college student pursuing a degree in Creative Writing. She lives in Saint Marys, Georgia. This is her first novel. Her second novel titled "Love Me Always" will be out in the summer of 2013 and will be the second book in the "I Hate You...I Think" series.

born in The United States

twitter username


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My Review for The Upside of Letting Go

This is an ARC I was provided to read and give a review. I completely loved the entire book. The writing was phenomenal. Practically no errors with grammar, typos, and spelling. Kyler and Haley make a power couple. Both of them lost so much and to be able to find that peace with each other is what made the book so good. I also loved Jude and felt bad for him but she moved on. It was hard watching him suffer as well. I know it's hard letting go to that first true love. Been there done that. Also, I would like to say that the way Kyler and Haley lost their families is very tragic. My husband lost his entire family in a car accident because of a drunk driver just like Kyler. What makes this book special is because my husband was the same way as Kyler except we were already married. To be able to read the emotions Kyler felt and relate to it so well, makes this writer very special. So definitely a MUST READ!!!

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Enter to win copy of The Upside to Letting Go---Corrected Information

(1) digital copy of The Upside of Letting Go by Nacole Stayton is being raffled off. The book will be sent from the author and is open internationally.  Let me know if you are interested in trying to win a copy no later than 9 PM EST April 30.  I now have a rafflecopter set up for you to enter to win.  Good Luck everybody!!!!

I love the Converse LOL

Blog Tour The Upside of Letting Go

The Upside To Letting Go

This book was freakin good!!!  I loved it and know other people will too.

Title: The Upside of Letting Go
Author:  Nacole Stayton
Genre: New Adult
Publish Date:  April 20, 2013
Event organized by: Literati Literature Lovers

Book Description:
Haley Martin decides the only way to let go of her lingering nightmares is to literally move on. Taking a leap of faith she finds herself enrolling at a campus hundreds of miles away from home.
She leaves any thoughts of dating again in Jersey, that is until fate crosses her path with a blue-eyed stud named Kyler King. He is notoriously known for being emotionally unattainable, but his fa├žade is only to hide the burdens he bares every day.
As Kyler and Haley’s physical attraction becomes deeper, the secrets of the past threaten to surface. When Haley’s past collides with the present, will her secrets prove too big of an obstacle hindering their happily ever after, or will letting go be the key that locks their bond forever?

About the Author
Nacole Stayton was born and raised Christian “Nacole” Stayton. She is twenty-three years young and currently resides in the Bluegrass state, Kentucky. She spends her days working at the local hospital and nights writing vigorously on her current novel. She has a passion for helping others and wears her University of Kentucky gear proudly. While her husband loves all things outdoors Nacole enjoys the finer things in life like getting pedicures while reading on her Kindle Fire. Her hair color changes with the seasons and she has a weakness for tattoos and iced coffee.

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Oh My Hot Romero

This came straight from Elizabeth's blog and I thought I would share.  Just so you know Romero is one of my favorites.  He reminds me so much of my husband with that possessive temper but very loveable.  Izzy is his number one priority and would die for her, so call me crazy but any man that loves like this is a man of my dreams.  So I have mine already but it doesn't hurt to read about


Romero celebration this week! Interview, GIVEAWAY's and bonus scene!!!

In celebration of reaching over 150k + sales of Romero I'm doing a very temporary price cut this week only! So if you haven't already read his story grab it now for only $.99 cents!!

But there's MORE!! Tune in this Tuesday as Romero makes brave Judy from Judy's Jumbles  blush as she asks the tough questions about Izzy, and a sore subject for him--his temper. Yikes!
And did someone say bonus scene? 
***Spoiler Alert!***
For those who haven't read Romero you may want to wait until you have to read this. This is a BIG scene from the book only now you get to be in Romero's head as it unfolds!
Speaking of temper. For those of you who've read Romero. You remember the scene at Charles birthday party where Romero loses it? We were in Isabel's head the whole time. We know he was incensed but would you like to see what was really going through his head? Here is the beginning of the scene in his head. I'll post the bonus scene in it's entirety later this week! And I just want to add. I'd forgotten how fun it is to write Romero. =)

Watch how quickly he goes from 

Disclaimer: These are two completely different models. Neither of which represent or endorse  Romero in ANY way. Just giving you a visual. ;) 

For the first few minutes of Isabel's dance with her father Romero watched solemnly. She was upset at him and though he couldn't really blame her... He stopped with that thought and pulled the front of  his shirt to his nose. Fuck. He did reek of Cici's perfume. His only consolation was that as soon as he gave her the ring and explained everything she'd understand.  Izzy had to understand Cici had nothing on her. No girl did. Lately he was beginning to think he couldn't even breathe without her. That's why he'd got her the ring. It symbolized just how serious he was about her and how much she meant to him. He wouldn't freak her out and call it an engagement ring but he did want her to know she was everything to him now.
The laughter he'd been hearing from the bar where Michael hung out with the other Navy guys erupted again. Romero glanced back slowly at them, his jaw tightly clenched. The guy had very obviously looked his way earlier and Romero had stared him down until the asshole looked away. Isabel said her sister didn't have any ulterior motives inviting Michael here tonight—the guy she'd once tried setting her up with. But Romero knew better. Pat always had ulterior motives when it came to this shit and he put nothing past her ass.
Michael wasn't at the bar anymore. Taking a swig of his beer Romero glanced around the room and noticed a photographer snapping photos of Izzy and her soon-to-be Mayor father on the dance floor. Just past them he saw Pat and Charles talking to what appeared to be a reporter. He closed his eyes for a moment the reality of just how different his and Isabel's lives were, sinking in. But he reminded himself that she'd assured him more than once now that it wasn't an issue for her.That's all that should matter. 
Alex nudged him. "I heard they called the cops on your uncles again."
That snapped Romero out of his ominous mood and he laughed. "Yeah the old hag next door who always has a hair up her ass came over and asked Manny to move his car again. She hates it when he parks in front of her house." He laughed again. "And you know Manny he had a few choice words for her. So she called the cops."
Alex laughed now with him. "Sal said she tried to press charges on Max, too."
Romero had begun to take another swig of his beer and nearly spit that out laughing again. "Yeah well, she can't stand either one of them. So in the middle of her and Manny going at it on the front porch, Max drives up. He gets out of his car and walks up to them, tells her, her ass don't look so big in them shorts and then asks her out." He had Alex laughing as hard as he did when he first heard the story from his uncles a few days prior. "She wanted him arrested for sexual harassment."
He glanced up and noticed Isabel and her dad weren't on the dance floor anymore. Still laughing he did a quick scan and then saw her standing with Michael across the room—just the two of them. Instantly his humorous mood was sucked out of him. Like a car coming to a screeching stop so did the sound in the room as his eyes met with Isabel's. Michael moving in closer to her had him putting his beer down. She turned to Michael with a sweet smile as the fucker leaned into her face with a purpose. With that Romero was on his feet pushing his chair back.
He heard Alex ask him something but the blood already thrumming loudly in his ears drowned everything out. He did however hear Valerie's louder  more anxious words as he began walking toward Isabel and Michael fists already clenched.
"Oh shit, Alex. You better go with him."