Thursday, March 7, 2013


Holy shit this book was awesome!!!  Great ending to a great series.  I'm so glad there was no cheating or breaking up in this book.  I would have been pissed if that had happened.  It was awesome to see their struggles and battles as soon as they got married (in their hearts). LOL.....Maybe I should tell my husband we are just married in our hearts.  J/K  I think I am going to read this series again from the first book Thoughtless.  I didn't re-read the series before the release of Reckless because I didn't have time so I think it is only appropriate for me to start from the beginning.  But can I say that I LOVE LOVE KELLAN??!!!!  If I loved him in the first two books I sure as hell love him more now.....****sigh****  Well I definitely recommend this book to anybody that loves romance books.  Actually I recommend the whole series.  I'm glad they got their HEA :)   S.C. Stephens is a fucktastic author!!!

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