Friday, May 24, 2013

Beautiful Strangers by Glenna Maynard (My Review)

This book was so good.  I will tell you now that it is different than most books that I have ever read.  Gracie is the main character and she has a broken and shattered soul.  She struggles throughout the entire book to find herself and denies herself any type of love.  Then she meets Jax and OH MY.....Hot country singer with black hair and blue eyes....uh hello??  Their relationship starts off very passionate and between the both of them they have too many secrets they are hiding from each other that it makes their relationship a challenge.  I will tell you that I believed in Jax and was beyond pissed with the way he treated her after she came clean.  However, his weakness is his band/group partner Sadie.  Sadie does everything she can to break them apart and I so loved how Grace stood up to her.  Then you have Evan who is Gracie's ex-boyfriend that is trying to win Gracie back.  After what Evan did to her (which caused her shatter and broken heart), I didn't think I could ever forgive him myself.  But to read the whole book and the more and more you learn about each of them you are torn between who is truly good or if everything about them is just lies.  I love how they all interact and how the story line goes because with how intense the book was I couldn't put it down.  I read it in a few hours.  My eyes hurt :) All in all this book was amazing and completely different than what I expected and the ending is COMPLETELY different.  Which is why this book is unique and I would recommend.  However, this book is not intended for anybody that is 17 and under.



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  1. Wow! Thank you for an amazing and honest review! Waking up to this is just omg, thank you! So glad you loved it!