Saturday, May 25, 2013

Feeling The Rhythm by S.J. Frost (My Review) #7 in Conquest Series

Ohhhhhhh....S.J. Frost is the best.  I love this series so much.  The main character I think everybody loves is Jesse.  Even with a small part in each of the books after his story he still manages to steal everybody's thunder.  He's so cocky, arrogant, but so loveable at the same time.  lol Now back to this book.....REMMY is the kindest person there is and his love for Brad is so strong that it made my heart hurt.  He was patient with Brad and not once did he judge him.  Now Brad I did love him too and felt bad for all that he had been through but I think S.J. Frost wrote in a character made especially for Brad.  sigh....I still can't get over him because there is a shortage of nice guys....There is a part when the paparazzi were following them and Remmy was upset with him.  Instead of throwing Brad to the wolves he made the paparazzi think they were just out on a date and having a good time.  However, they were in the middle of an argument because Remmy was hurt my a misunderstanding between Brad and this guy named Tanner.  Remmy loved Brad so much that he put his hurt feelings aside to protect Brad and to make the scene between them look like they had a really good date and were in love.  I don't know about you but sometimes my temper gets the best of me and I may have pushed my husband off the sidewalk or cussed him out.  Sorry some people handle it different ways and the way Remmy handled it was one out of love and didn't let his anger take control of him.

Book Description

Brad Delfini once had the world in his hands, but misfortune and bad decisions showed him just how quickly the spotlight can go dark. For years, he was struggling to get by, when a fateful phone call brought him to famed rock band, Conquest. Since becoming their drummer, he’s hit the top of fame again and he has all he could ever want. Except for one thing. As Conquest’s world tour draws to the close, that missed chance leaves him filled with regrets.

Remmy Laurent has been a roadie since he graduated high school, but years of being on the move have worn him down. He decides it’s time to quit and bring some stability into his life. He just wanted to finish out this one last tour with his favorite band; Conquest. It hasn’t been an easy tour, for many reasons, but most of all because no matter how hard he tried to deny it, he lost his heart to a man who he thinks barely knows he exists.

When the last concert is played, Brad and Remmy both believe they’ll never see each other again, but a little friendly intervention brings them together once more. As they begin to know each other in a whole new way, Brad must somehow make peace with his past if he and Remmy are going to have a future.

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