Friday, May 10, 2013

My Review of Don't Hate the Player....Hate the Game

 5 STARS out of 5

Okay before you start this book have a box of tissues handy. This was an ARC that I read and I am glad I was able to have the opportunity. I cried so much from beginning to end. The main character Noah Sullivan goes through so much from the start of the book to the last chapter. I actually felt his emotions as I was reading the book. It's weird when you become connected to a character. There was a lot more to the book than just romance which I thoroughly enjoyed. The relationship between Noah and Jake is very close but yet there was still a distance of hiding who they really were from each other. As I was reading this book I called and texted my best friend that I have known for 25 years just to see how she was doing and how to tell her how much I loved her and was grateful for her. In some instances there are friendships that have bonds that are stronger than sibling bonds. This is the case with Noah because he is an only child. So when Noah suffers with his grief I pictured me and my best friend in the same situation and how I would have handled. At some points during the book I had to put down just to take a breather. I really don't want to give any more specifics because I don't want to ruin it, but the one character that I will remember forever is Noah. I loved Maddie but her role wasn't as strong for me as Noah's was. Enjoy the book but don't say I didn't warn you about having a box of tissues ready.

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