Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review of The Locker Room by Amy Lane--- 5 stars out of 5

I completely and wholeheartedly love this book. It broke my heart how they had to hide their love for each for so long, and omg the love they had for each other was beautiful. I cried so much through the entire book. Usually in books you cry at the end or in the middle, but this one was from beginning to end. Xander's life was so hard and it was painful to see what he had to go through. Chris was his rock and vice versa. There were funny parts in the book. Oh and believe me there were parts where I was down right pissed off. Especially their coach blackmailing them was beyond disgusting, which forced them to have to go through the false pretense of not looking gay. How they forced themselves to be something they weren't was just heart breaking. I'm glad that they both got their HEA, because if there was anymore heartache in the book I would have not survived.

 The Locker Room

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