Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Review of Impossible by Laurel Ulen Curtis ----4 stars out of 5

This is my first book that I read written by this author, and I will have to say that I really enjoyed her writing. The flow was really good and the book had me captured within the first few chapters. After it started to pick up then I couldn’t put it down. All the characters are unforgettable, and I seriously can’t wait to read more about this series. There’s not going to be a sequel to this but there will be a spin-off on one of the characters in the book. I can’t wait for this book!!! You will have to read the book to find out who gets their own story. 

The main character Roni nickname for Veronica (of course I had to read this because of the name…lol), is a very strong determined woman who is just trying to live life day by day after surviving such a horrible tragic event with her husband Josh. The only way for her to survive was to close herself off from becoming close to people, and act like a total bitch. Hehe…I’m like that sometimes just because.. Anyways, she decides to take a job as a storm chaser which gives her the adrenaline she needs to make it through every day. I really felt bad for her because of everything that she went through and her every day struggle to get out of bed each day. I then could understood why she lived the way she lived. She was all alone and had no place to call home but this was her choice. She lives in motels/hotels and her truck. The life she leads is very lonely but it’s her way of coping. One day she was traveling to her next destination and ends up with a flat tire. A nice stranger pulls over to help her, but Roni doesn’t take too kindly to strangers and any kind of help. The stranger ends up being a very polite teenage boy that is so polite and it was hard for her to resist his kindness. She really tries being a bitch towards him to run him off, but he wouldn’t hear any of that. Roni gave in and let him help her with changing the tire. His name is Coleman Cade Jr. who goes by C.J. and it turns out he is a well-known bull-rider, just like his father. He was surprised that Roni never heard of him or his father and found it amusing since he is so popular in the area. She ends up really liking the kid, which was exactly the type of feelings she avoided for so long. C.J. is so adorable and takes a liking to Roni, and invites her to one of his tournaments. Roni said she would think about it but really planned on not going, because she didn’t want to really like C.J. again. They parted ways but it actually nagged at her for thinking about not going to see his next tournament since he was so nice to her and she had an immediate bond to him, which was a more of a protective connection. The motherly type of affection is in fact what C.J. craves in his life. 

Eventually, Roni builds a relationship with C.J. which she tried so hard to avoid. You fall in love with C.J. because he grows up without a mother and is seeking a motherly figure in his life. For some reason, he pulls at Roni’s heart and they start to get closer. C.J. was raised by his dad and his grandmother (Nan). Nan plays an important part with helping Roni discovering how to survive a loss like hers and learn to open up her heart to be able to love again. I really love Nan who is a very wise woman, and very proud of her grandson and her son. Little does Roni know is that their family suffered a huge tragedy as well which is how Nan understands Roni’s pain and the protectiveness of her heart. 

 Next comes in Coleman Cade Sr. which is C.J.’s father and is a really famous bull rider and travels a lot for his tournaments. He is a single father who looks like C.J. and when he first meets Roni and she first meets him sparks fly. Coleman has already heard so much about Roni from C.J. and found her very intriguing. Coleman is a ladies man and gets a lot of attention from his fans mainly women, and Roni is not impressed. She tries her hardest to avoid getting to know Coleman, but Coleman is relentless about pursuing her. It turns out he is tired of all the relationships that are meaningless to him and wants a woman that could be part of his family. For some reason he sees this in Roni, and she is about the most unapproachable and head strong woman he has ever met that is not affected by his looks at all or his celebrity status. This only makes the chase more fun for Coleman. 

You will enjoy this book and the characters that are part of the story. I had a great time reading this book and give it a review of 4 stars out of 5. 

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