Saturday, August 31, 2013

My review of The Innocent by Kailin Gow--3 stars out of 5 (Blog Tour) May contain spoilers!!!

May Contain Spoilers!!!!!!

I really love this author and I am thankful I was allowed to read an ARC for a review. For some reason I couldn't connect with the main character Serena. The romance between Sebastian and Serena that started in The Protege was so fast, and Sebastian fell really hard. He is not normally this type of man, but for some reason his world stops when he first meets her. That's where I got confused. When they first met he was really rude to her, and she played the role of a mousy quiet woman. He barked out orders and next thing you know they are out on a date. After the date it starts building up really fast and continues on into the second book The Innocent.

At the end of The Protege there was a misunderstanding between Serena and Sebastian and the first thing she does is run back to her ex-boyfriend who is actually her Master. The way she would let Price control her and use her bothered me so much. I know there is always a reason for why people do the things they do. It seemed to me it was all about rough sex with Serena, and Price gave her this. Price was just down right cocky and an arsehole. He controlled everything Serena did which meant basically keeping her prisoner from going to school (college) or having friends. The more and more I read the book Serena was getting on my nerves because she would just let Price treat her like she was his property. She had the freedom but for some reason she felt she couldn't survive the world without Price at her side. Sebastian wanted Serena back and he would stop at nothing to get her. His goal was also to find out the reason why she let Price treat her the way he did. the end of the book The Innocent I understood her and why she would let Price treat her the way he did. The whole time all I kept getting from Serena was that she really loved sex and not just plain old vanilla sex. She liked being the submissive. I started thinking she was just a sex addict, because the only thing she focused on was how she felt when she was having sex with Price and then also Sebastian.

I did like the ending but wish it would just stay at that because now I understand her much better. I'm afraid if another book comes after this one it will show her back with Price or just simply walking away from Sebastian. So there you have it....I liked the book but if I had understood Serena a lot better from the beginning then it might have been different for me. I spent almost two whole books frustrated with Serena thinking she was a sex addict but I couldn't figure out why. The book never focused on that. It was mainly the sex scenes that Serena would give some insight to herself but only when she was being punished or having an orgasm. Maybe I am not making sense but again this is just my opinion and my review of the book. I actually would challenge somebody to just read the book to see if they feel the same way so I can see if I'm just weird or the odd one out.

If you are into hot hot steamy sex scenes then this is the book to read because man oh man I was speechless.  I still love Kailin's work and will continue to read any new material she has. My rating doesn't affect that.

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