Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Review of Fix You by Beck Anderson---4 stars out of 5----Plus chance to enter in a Tourwide Giveaway

This book starts off very depressing. Kelly loses her husband Peter in the very beginning of the book and then you have to watch her struggle through her depression and shock of being a single mother. I was already crying at the beginning of the story so I was prepared for more. Surprisingly, there were only a few more parts in the book where I cried.

This storyline is very different. Kelly is a 36 year old widow who by chance meets a man by the name of Andrew. He is a little mysterious and there was instant attraction. It turns out he is a famous actor and she had no idea since she really doesn't watch a lot of TV or read tabloids. When she finds out who he really is she doesn't treat him any different. One of the reasons Andrew is attracted to Kelly is because she treats him like a normal person and not a fake person that is only with him because of his money. There is an age difference because he is 29 years old, but he has an old soul. The Andrew that Kelly gets to know is nothing like the one the media knows. They start healing each other and it is just a very romantic story that you will fall in love with.

There are some things that Kelly doesn't know about Andrew, and she is also scared of having her two boys getting attached to him. Watch the struggle between Kelly and Andrew while they try to see if they can be together. This was a great read and I think other people would enjoy it as much as I did.

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