Saturday, September 21, 2013

My review of Give Me Strength by Kate McCarthy ---- 4 stars out of 5----Enter Tour-wide Giveaway

Oh my gosh I loved this book!!! I love the chemistry between Quinn and Travis. Oh and Travis.......sigh Let's just say he is practically her guardian angel. After surviving a horrible attack years ago, she doesn't believe she deserves to be loved or to love. She tries very hard not to fall for Travis, but I've got to give it to Travis he doesn't give up. There are things that Quinn doesn't tell Travis and there are things that Travis doesn't tell Quinn.

There are a few characters in the book that you just can't help but love and one of the characters is Mac. Mac knew how to stand up to her brothers and became a really good friend to Quinn. She is one tough Mac was so blunt which cracked me up.

When the truth is revealed to Quinn regarding Travis she is devastated and doesn't feel like she can trust anybody ever again. It was very hard for the both of them, and I was really sad for Quinn. Her pain broke my heart, but Travis's pain is even worse.

This book kept me captivated and I couldn't put the book down until I finished the whole thing. It was a really good book and I love this author and will definitely will be watching for more books from her.

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