Saturday, October 19, 2013

Excerpt from Falling Behind

When Reese came back out of her room, she looked relaxed. I also caught something close to mischief gleaming in her denim-blue eyes. I took in the rest of her when she turned her back toward me to and headed into the kitchen. Her normally tight fitting dance shorts hung on her loosely. Don’t get me wrong, they still looked amazing on her. Just big. The tight black tank with the hot pink sports bra underneath was also a little loose. The girl still looked gorgeous. She had gone completely comfortable and even pulled her hair up into a messy bun on top of her head.
I had to start thinking about baseball again, to distract when she opened the freezer and reached up to the top shelf for the ice cream. The tank lifted, showing two dimples low on her back—just peeking out from the black dance shorts, she’d folded over to make shorter. The curve of skin at the top of her thigh was showing and I knew I’d better think of something else before I went and forced my lips on her.
  A’s, Dodgers, Giants…
I closed my eyes and willed myself to relax.
“Are you sleeping?” Reese whispered.
I cocked an eyebrow and peeked out of one eye. “Uh, no.”

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