Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Review of Broken Ever After----4 stars out of 5

 My Review
This book was good and much unexpected. There is romance, mystery, and suspense. First of all, I think Olivia and Jamie make a cute couple even though this story is about a student and a teacher. Let’s get something straight. This is my opinion and only my opinion. Yes he is her teacher but she is 18 years old. Nothing happened between them before she was of age. Olivia is a consenting adult and was not forced into anything with Jamie. I like how Jamie started off slow with Olivia, and made sure she was absolutely sure about their relationship. He respected her and protected her from a pushy guy by the name of Lucas. Her ex-boyfriend Lucas became obsessed with Olivia which was freaking her out. At this point Jamie didn’t care if he lost his job for protecting Olivia. Jamie truly does love her, and then of course things didn’t stay this way for long. You find out later in the book that there were some things that Olivia suffered during her childhood which affected her emotionally and mentally. Jamie is there for her and stands by her the whole time.

Apparently Olivia inherited some money and a company. She is supposed to take over the company when she is 21 years old and will be one rich woman. However, the reason behind the inheritance is really disturbing. She doesn’t want anything to do with the company or the money. So of course there is somebody out there that tries to break Jamie and Olivia up because the goal is to get steal the money and the company. The twist here is that you have no idea who it is. There are quite a few characters that you become suspicious of. Then things just start spiraling out of control for Olivia, and it only keeps getting worse. Jamie and Olivia’s relationship is destroyed because that is what this mystery person wants. Unfortunately it works and I feel so bad for Jamie because he tries so hard to prove his innocence to Olivia. As for Olivia she is mentally and emotionally breaking little by little. When the book ends Olivia is at her lowest point in life and the ending is not what you expect to happen, which made me mad. I really hope it gets better in the sequel for Olivia and Jamie because they both deserve happiness and they do love each other.





“You do know that you’re ten minutes late, right? That’s your time, not mine” I told him.
“Your time starts when I say it does, Miss Stevens” I hoped to God that he was joking. My eyes skimmed down to his lips as he smiled at me, taking in how soft and inviting they looked; nervously I chewed on my own as I followed him in to the classroom. He’d picked up my art folder and my bag and carried them in for me, landing them on the desk in front of his where I napped the day before. “Wow, what the hell do you have in that thing?” he asked when he put my bag down.
“Erm… Text books, water, keys, art stuff, my diary, mail sack of love letters, three changes of shoes, the kitchen sink.” I smiled sweetly at him.
“You keep a diary? And have enough admirers to need an entire mail sack?” He looked at me shocked.
“Why? Do you want to read it?” I smirked at him “and sadly not in regards to the mail sack… I have a special truck for those.” I grinned.
“ha-ha. I don’t know, it depends if there is anything about me in it?” he winked at me and sat down at his desk.
“You are on every page.” I sighed dreamily at him. Well he would be if I really had one. I was blushing again; I wish I could control that. I sat down at the desk and tried to avoid his gaze.
“And what do you say about me?” He enquired as he looked down over a student’s work.
“How much of an arse you are.”

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