Monday, October 21, 2013

My Review of Chasing Serenity by Eden Butler--4 stars out of 5 (Tour-wide Giveaway)

***May contain spoilers***

This is the first book I read by this author and I have to say I really like her. Chasing Serenity was not what I was expecting. The main character Autumn struggles with the death of her mother. Her mother died in a car accident and Autumn was in the car with her mother at the time. The memories of that night haunt her and not only is she suffering emotionally and mentally; but physically as well. The injuries she sustains in the accident are quite bad for a girl who is normally very active. Autumn's emotions are raw when her ex-boyfriend decides to come back into the picture. Her best friends are so funny and very loyal to her. Let's just say that Autumn is not the nicest person out there but they put up with her because they love her. She has so much anger in her that she pushes anybody that tries to get close to her away. The only ones that she is close too are her best friends and Ava who is her mother's best friend. Ava watches over Autumn after the death of her mother. So when Autumn first meets Declan she finds him attractive because he has tattoos and is very built. Their first encounter was not great at all and I'm surprised he acted the way he did when they first met because he is nothing like that. Autumn refuses to feel anything for Declan or get close to him in any way at all. Declan is relentless and you just fall in love with how persuasive he can be. He never gives up on her and eventually she gives in. They have the same interests and what's funny is that Declan is a closeted nerd. Her best friends fall in love with him after they find out he loves the same books and movies they do. They told her that if she didn't marry him they would....LOL The relationship barely has time to bloom before a revelation is made that destroys what little they do have. It doesn't have to be this way but Autumn is determined to not forgive him and to push him away. After you watch Declan beg for forgiveness it breaks your heart because you can tell by his words the pain he is feeling. I cried for him because technically it wasn't his fault. This revelation is something that he couldn't tell her because it wasn't his story to tell. I will say this...I loved the ending but I wish there was more to it. It will suffice but you know how we book addicts love HEAs with marriage and This book was a fun book to read so enjoy!!! 


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