Friday, October 25, 2013

My Review of Forbidden Forever 3.5 stars out of 5 ( Tour-wide Giveaway)


I liked this book.  Laney stays in a horrible marriage for 14 years.  Her husband Michael was horrible towards her but she stayed because of her two kids.  She never thought she would find happiness.  Laney expected her life to be miserable for the rest of her life.  I don’t know how she took it for so long from her husband because he verbally abused all the time.  Eventually it wasn’t just verbal.  All I know is I felt like punching Michael in the head for some of the things he would tell her about her weight.  She wasn’t even huge.  From what I could understand she was like a size 12.  Now if that is considered HUGE then Houston we have a problem.  Laney finds a job as an assistant to Dr. Turner.  Her children are teenagers and she decides she needs a job.  The attraction between Laney and Dr. Turner was instantaneous and intense.  They fell hard for each other and unfortunately they are both married.  It takes the attraction they have for each other to decide whether they want to stay married or not.  Chance (Dr. Turner) is so adorable, and OMG so romantic.  He is the complete opposite of Laney’s husband Michael.  He makes sure Laney knows how beautiful she is and treats her really well.  Chance treats her like a princess which is not something Laney has ever experienced.  The only true criticism that I can provide is the book time table was so off.  It went from one scene to another and it could have been months or days that had passed by it was never really specific.  Their love story happened so fast.  Chance was confessing his love for Laney almost as soon as the book started.  Other than that it was a great story and I can’t believe it ended with a cliff hanger.  It’s not one of those cliff hangers that pisses you off but one where you just say to yourself well I guess I have to wait to see what happens in the next book.

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