Sunday, October 20, 2013

My review of Given To You by Carlie Sexton---4 stars out of 5

This series had me in suspense from beginning to end. Roger was crazy and delusional. The scariest part was that he was in Special Ops and had all the skills to kill and to stay hidden in the shadows. The love between Kate and Neil was so powerful. I completely loved Neil. He loved Kate so much from the beginning and did nothing but love and protect her. Neil would give his life for her and in the book you will see that he will go the end of the earth to save her. I was very scared for Neil because he was the one person standing in the way for Roger or so Roger thought. CRAZY doesn’t even begin to describe Roger. All the people that had to die because of his fixation for Kate was sad. These were innocent people that did nothing but just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The one problem I had with Kate is that she acted like she couldn’t make her own decisions. She would always say I have to think about it and talk to Charlie or whoever could give her insight on what to do. It would frustrate me so much because relying on other people’s opinion to make her own decisions on how to handle a situation is really sad. I understand her tragic past but having other people make decisions for you is not healthy. Towards the end of the series you do see Kate become more confident about herself but still had the mentality of not being able to make a complete decision by herself. She was getting there but it was very slowly. Neil had so much patience with her, and always put her needs first. Their relationship was a whirlwind relationship that began so unexpectedly, but believe me you will enjoy every moment of their love story. 

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