Sunday, October 6, 2013

My review of Jealousy---4 stars out of 5---Also enter tour-wide giveaway

Loved this book!!! This book was so different because of the relationship between Heather and Justin. They are best friends and in the beginning when they were younger there were kids that would pick on or beat up Justin because he was gay. Heather was feisty and would always protect him. Their bond was so different and special. The way they loved each other at such a young age moved me. I knew right away that their love for each other was nothing beyond being best friends or brother and sister. The best way to describe it is that they were soul mates. They completed each other.

However,their closeness was a big turn off for their significant others. The guys Heather dated couldn't understand the relationship between her and Justin. When they would get jealous and couldn't accept Justin she would break up with them. The same for Justin. His love life was basically the same. Nobody comprehended the closeness between Heather and Justin. For example, they saw each other everyday, talked to each other everyday,and they always lived near each other. They were inseparable and to some people that was weird.

At the start of the book,Heather is married to Peter who in the beginning was okay but towards the end I wanted to punch him in the face. Once you read about Peter then you will understand why. As for Justin I felt bad for him because he was always getting hurt by guys that were not worthy of him. Eventually they both meet somebody they want to love but scared to because Heather and Justin know that their relationship is always a deal breaker. I loved the direction the book went because it only showed that the love between Justin and Heather was unbreakable. There is a reason for everything. Sometimes this is hard to understand but life is complicated.

Eventually, both Heather and Justin meet somebody but it was a matter of time where you are left wondering if this person would bolt out the door because they couldn't accept the relationship between them. I'm happy with the outcome at the end, and loved all the characters introduced in the book.

This was a wonderful story and I will read it again some day because it really moved me. I'm glad I was provided a book for an honest review. If not then I would have missed out on a great book.


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Meet Heather Cooper –

Somewhat insecure and emotionally fragile on the outside, she battles the injustices and heartache the world throws at her with an inner strength she doesn't realize she possesses. Sexually free and uninhibited, her marriage lacks the love and passion she craves. Loyal, kindhearted and caring, she’s always ready to fight to the death to defend her best friend, Justin.

Meet Justin Perrotta -

Relentlessly bullied as a child, he triumphed over ridicule. Now, confident and assertive, he credits his transformation to his best friend, Heather. Forever indebted to her, he shields and protects her. Shattered by betrayal and afraid to love again, he guards his sensitive heart with promiscuity.


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