Monday, October 7, 2013

My review of Lovely--4 stars out of 5--Also enter tour-wide giveaway

Loved this book!! At the beginning of the book Ash is very sure of himself. Ash plays the role of good looking college guy that is kind of cocky. It really is an act after you get to know him throughout the book. His looks have always gotten him what he wants., until he meets Cara. She is mousy, wears big clothes to cover her body, and huge glasses that take up most of her small face. When a girl dresses like this it usually means she doesn't want to attract attention from guys. The reason for that can be for many things, but in Cara's case she had a bad childhood, and her story is very sad. She is used to being ignored and in the background not seen. Cara is more of a wall flower. This is why this surprises Ash because he is normally not attracted to girls like her. He's use to girls throwing themselves at him, and him going from girl to the next. He really is puzzled that he could not get the attention of Cara who works in the school library and it's funny. Ash spends a lot of time thinking of ways to get Cara to say yes to a date with him. She was very hard to crack and cute how much she tried to resist him. I was so happy for Ash when she finally agreed to start spending time together as just friends. The relationship with her is very different than any relationship Ash has ever had. Their relationship happened at a slow pace which I liked. Sometimes the fast paced ones that I read about aren't my favorite. Ash confides in Cara that he is the oldest in the family and has been the man of the house since his dad passed away. He takes on a lot of responsibility at such a young age. You get to meet his sister and brother. Delilah is so cute and about the same age as Cara. She adores Cara which is a good thing. Then there is Colt. I simply love Colt. When his character is first introduced he was more the rebel of the family. He is the middle child and does his own thing. Colt becomes a big part of the story and at this point you can see how their family comes together when tragedy strikes. The family dynamic is very special. Ash is very protective of his family and especially his mom. He doesn't want his mom to go through any more pain. As the story goes on you see how struggles to keep himself together when another tragedy strikes their family. However, this time he has Cara at his side. She becomes his strength and somebody he goes to because he doesn't have to be the strong one with her. She sees right through him and is there for him every step of the way. You will enjoy this book but I'm warning you that you are going to need the tissue box. The book was well written and to me the pace of the book was very good. As you read the book you will fall in love with Ash, and the strength he has. Now I need to add him to my list of favorite fictional boyfriends. lol It was a very emotional book for me and I would enjoy reading it again.

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