Friday, October 4, 2013

My review of Unexpected by Faith Sullivan---4 stars out of 5

I read this book in one night. This was a different type of love story which it makes it better since it's not like all other books. The story takes place during the 9/11 attacks in NY when the WTC were hit. Michelle is a new college student studying at NYU in her first semester when the attacks happen. She doesn't really know anybody at all since she hasn't made any friends because school just started. This is the sad part. She lives alone in a small apartment that her parents are struggling to pay for her because they want her to have the best. They are very good parents. Anyways the attacks happen after Michelle is in a city where she knows nobody and can't get in contact with anybody because cell phones weren't working. She stayed in her apartment for three days all by herself without knowing what was happening. The solitude of being alone in a big city where a horrible tragedy took place which affected the city and the whole country, she decides to go back home to her parents. When she leaves she doesn’t know what she had planned for the future.

After being home for a while she dropped out of school and ends up on anxiety medications along with depression. Her family is worried about her as well as her friends. Michelle's ex-boyfriend and she are still friends. He introduces her to this guy Connor. Connor is very Alpha male and basically said she needs to come back to New York with him and to move on. She was livid because she didn't even know this guy. He offered her a place to live and a job at a pub that he owns. She is very hesitant as to why he is so willing to help her and doesn't even know her. Finally after thinking it over she decides to take him up on his offer. They become very close as the months go by. Michelle develops feelings for Connor but he makes it clear that he is just her friend and her boss. So she accepts it and tries to start dating. Connor keeps saying he doesn't have feelings for her but he becomes very jealous. Another concern for him is the age difference. It’s not huge but Connor believes Michelle is too young for him. However, we all know that we can’t help who we fall in love with.

There are some secrets that Connor is hiding and Michelle is determined to find out what they are because these secrets are apparently painful for him. She sees the pain in his eyes. I love how Michelle is determined to help Connor. But will this be enough? Read the book and you will enjoy a wonderful love story like no other. I'm glad I was given the chance to provide an honest review, and I think that this is one of the best Faith has written. Honestly, I like anything Faith writes.

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