Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Review of Untangle Me----4 stars out of 5---Enter Tour-wide Giveaway

I just finished this book today and read it in bed because I stayed home sick. OMG this book was HOT and STEAMY!!! I think I should have read this book when I wasn't sick. My fever may have gone up after reading it. Sophia and Kayden were so passionate about each other. Kayden took her places she had never been before, and I'm not talking about around NOLA...LOL When Kayden's world starts to unravel because of a stupid psycho ex-girlfriend it almost destroys them. Lisa the ex-girlfriend is one psycho witch and tries several times to break them up, and almost succeeds. Kayden does everything he can to fight for Sophia. He didn't want to lose her because he fell so deeply in love with her and she became a lifeline for him. Sophia feels the same way and it becomes hard for the both of them to keep up with the long distance relationship. He lives in NOLA and she lives in Florida. They met online by pure luck. Kayden was a friend of a friend of Sophia's brother. It started off as just fun but their relationship grew stronger each day even though they hadn't met in person. When they first meet in person there was instant chemistry that was scorching HOT. I'm not just talking about the weather in NOLA but how their bodies react when they had their first kiss and the first time they sleep with each other. 

You will fall in love with Kayden and watch how hard he struggles with his past. He tries his hardest to fight his demons so he can be the man for Sophia. At times Kayden's issues were becoming too much for Sophia, but she didn't give up on him. There was a point I thought she would and I think I would have been upset if she did. Their love story is so touching and my heart went out to Kayden. You will fall in love with him as much as I did. So yes this is a definite book to read. I'm glad I was given the chance to read this ARC for an honest review. 

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