Monday, November 11, 2013

My Review of Ignite by Tessa Teevan--5 Stars out of 5 (Also includes an excerpt)


Ignite made me cry, laugh, and romance all in one book. One moment I would be crying with Alexa and then I would be cracking up with her sister Sierra or her niece Ava.

It starts off 10 years ago where it all began. Jace and Alexa were so much in love but in denial until Jace’s last night before he left for the Army. Jace finally tells Alexa how he feels about her and always had and Alexa does the same thing. They spend one passionate night sharing their feelings and loving each other before he leaves. It’s sad because they tell each other their true feelings his last night in town. Jace and Alexa were best friends during high school and were inseparable. Everybody knew how they felt for each other except for the two of them. Alexa was the tomboy who loved sports and would go and watch Jace play baseball because she had a secret crush on him. She never thought they would be become friends but not only just regular friends they were best friends. It’s silly because the whole time they both have feelings for each other but nobody says anything until that last night. Their hearts were broken because they both knew that this might be their last night to ever see each other again. Nothing was guaranteed for Jace when he left for the army and Alexa knew this.

Ten years later Alexa is mourning the death of her husband. Jace always kept tabs on Alexa by following her on some of her social networks and through her sister Sierra. OMG….you will love Sierra. Sierra is the sister that can be bossy and get on your nerves but she does it because she loves Alexa. She watches Alexa wither away while mourning her husband. Sierra wants her sister to keep living so she has the bright idea of getting in contact with Jace to make sure he comes to their 10 year high school reunion and she makes Alexa come with her telling her that she needs help babysitting Ava. Ava is Sierra’s daughter who is 4 years old and this little girl is hilarious which she gets from her mom Sierra and Sierra’s husband Jeremy who you will love as well. Sierra, Jeremy, Alexa and Jace all grew up with each other so Jeremy doesn’t interfere in Sierra’s plan of reuniting the two of them. Oh and as for Alexa’s niece Ava….LOL The things she says had me cracking up. So Alexa thinks she is going to help watch Ava but turns out Sierra’s in laws came to help which left Alexa available to hang out with Sierra and go to the high school reunion with her. Alexa finds out Sierra’s little plan and did not want to go. She has no intention of seeing Jace again because she is under the impression that he never came back for her when he left for the army. This is so sad in itself because Alexa thinks Jace never came back for her which is so far from the truth. Jace thinks Alexa moved on and never looked back for him. All because somebody lied to Jace about Alexa and where she was when he came back for her after his boot camp.

Finally they rekindle their love and Jace knows he has to take it slow with Alexa because she is still mourning her husband that just passed away a year ago. Alexa feels like she is betraying her husband Tyler by going on but eventually she decides to take the chance. Her only problem was that she couldn’t and wouldn’t let Jace know that she loved him. It has to do with Jace’s position in the Army. He diffuses bombs and he could die and never come back to her which scares her so much. She knows that if she loses Jace she would never recover. Something happens and the possibility of Jace being dead breaks Alexa and she finally realized she should have told him she loved him. Read the book to find out what happens and I’m just saying this…..Oh my gosh I cried so much but it was balanced out with laughter and romance. You will love every moment. Definitely a 5 star book!!!

Jace has me pressed up against the side of his car, his hands cupping both sides of my face. Looking into my eyes, he leans in, stopping just inches from my lips. I think he’s about to kiss me when he speaks instead.
            “I told you I’d come back.”
            A smile breaks out on my face when he closes the space between us, pressing his lips against mine. His kiss is soft and slow to begin with, but I’ve been aching for his touch for weeks, so I slide my hands up his t shirt, letting out a soft moan when I make contact with his skin. At the sound, his kiss hardens, and his tongue is against my lips, begging for entrance. They part immediately, allowing his tongue to collide with mine and our kisses turn frantic as we try to make up for lost time. His hands move to the small of my back before he slips them under my shirt and he traces small circles over my skin, causing me to shiver. My hands move over his taut abs as I make my way up his muscular chest. My thumb grazes his nipple, and he groans, breaking our kiss.
            “Fuck, I’ve missed you,” he says in a husky voice, wrapping his arms around me in a tight embrace. My head leans against his hard chest, where I can hear his heart pounding. Smiling silently to myself, I’m secretly thankful that he still seems to be as affected by me as I am by him.

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