Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Review of Leave the Lights On---4 Stars out of 5


This was a nice read. I liked Parker and Sophie together, and it’s too sad they didn’t share their feelings for each other when they were younger. All that time wasted, but at least they were able to reunite. Love like that is so rare. Parker’s best friend was funny and I liked him, but I did get mad at him when he made a pass at Sophie. I did forgive him at the end because he apologized and I really did feel bad for the guy. To have so much money but nobody that you love to share it with is a tragedy. There are so many money hungry people at there that will pretend to love a person that has all this money but doesn’t. Rich people deserve love too, but it’s just hard for them to really know if it is genuine. Parker’s dreams of being a professional baseball player with his best friend Joey was taken away when he was injured really bad in a car accident. He had to stay in rehab for two years. That’s horrible. The book had a good ending which was nice for a change. I’ve been reading so many books with cliff hangers and have to wait a year for the next one. That’s just mean!!! This book won’t leave you hanging, and you will love the chemistry between Parker and Sophie.

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