Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Review of Wild Chase by L.A. Bressett---4.5 Stars out of 5

The story of Avery and Chase is awesome!!! Avery is a rocker and is in a band that is just starting out which means he is not rich and successful. He is on his way to becoming famous and this is when he met Chase. Chase has grown up with strict parents who shelter her from the outside world. Her best friend Vic (Victoria) is the only one that knows how her home life is so Vic tries to always get Chase to experience being in the real world and just being young. Vic convinces Chase to sing at a small club just outside of town to show off her beautiful voice. Vic believes so much in Chase and truly is the best friend in the world.

When they get to the club Chase meets Avery who is your typical HOT ROCKER guy. Chase accidently bumps into Avery on the dance floor and after one look at her he is a goner. He comes over to introduce himself to Chase and dance with her. Avery tells her that he heard some teenage kid was going to be singing that night and made some other comments. Chase kept her mouth shut and when it was time to sing she left him to go perform. She rocks the stage and blows everybody away with her performance. Avery felt like a jerk for saying the things he did about her before he even knew who she was. It was so cute. Chase and Avery spend the rest of the night hanging out. She can’t get Avery out of her mind and thinks she will never see him again. He shows up at her door step and they spend the next few days with each other both knowing they may never see each other again. They have a special chemistry and it’s sad when Avery leaves. Avery leaves back to New York with his family and Chase goes back to reality. Chase was just beginning to live more and she experienced love like she never could she could.

Four years later a chance encounter has Avery and Chase seeing each other again. Only this time Chase has made a huge transformation. She has tattoos all over her body and her hair is purple. Chase has bloomed over the years and had to leave her family behind because they couldn’t accept her. When Chase and Avery see each other again, Avery is a famous rock star and has a girlfriend. In order to prevent his girlfriend and his band knowing that Chase is the same girl he left behind and loved with all his heart she is introduced as Melanie. Melanie is Chase’s middle name. Chase sees that he has a girlfriend and doesn’t want to break them up. She still loves him with all her heart and when Avery sees her the feeling is mutual. Chase gets to know the rest of his band and one of the band members by the name of Jesse likes her when he first meets her, but Jesse only knows her as Melanie. He is completely in the dark that she is Chase the same girl his best friend loved four years ago. Chase knows she can’t have Avery but at least she can be friends with Jesse. Jesse and Chase start off as friends but end up more than that and it kills Avery. It is up to Avery to decide if he can live with himself and ignore his true feelings for Chase or stay with his current girlfriend Olivia who by the way is a piece of work. She is the daughter of label’s CEO and he is not with her because he loves her but only because he feels obligated to stay with her for the band.

Chase also has to admit whether she is able to give Avery her heart again when she is just beginning to know a really good guy who will treat her like a princess. The struggle to make the choices they know they have to make and they both realize that no matter what they choose somebody is going to get hurt. Chase doesn’t want to hurt Jesse because he is an amazing guy but knows he will be hurt by this betrayal from her and his best friend Avery. I couldn’t put the book down and I know that you won’t be able to either. There is going to be another book after this one and I can’t wait.

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