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Pictures of You by Lynsie Buchanan 4 STARS OUT OF 5


Title: Pictures of You
Author:  Lynsie Buchanan
Genre: Paranormal Romance 18+
Publication Date:   September 6, 2013
Cover:  Renae Porter
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Photos. Scattered across her mind and the pages of her book. Meadow takes pictures of the places she sees in her dreams with him…hoping that one day it might make him real.
In her real life, everything has already been decided for her. All she has to do is accept it. Giving up on the fantasy, she thinks she can choose the man that’s right in front of her in the flesh…until she meets the one in her dreams.

Gareth is fierce and demanding in his need for Meadow and her body cannot deny him. Can she have this man without destroying her life and the lives of those around her?

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Wine drinker…vodka lover… feisty, red-headed girl that currently lives in Texas but is not opposed to relocating to a place on a remote beach somewhere in the Caribbean. When she is not daydreaming or drinking with friends she is usually teaching small children or checking out good looking guys for her next novel. 
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My Review 4 Stars out of 5 

I will be honest and say that I rarely read paranormal romance books. This doesn’t mean I don’t like them but I honestly don’t read them quite as often as the drama/romance books. Hot and Steamy ones  However, I always read a book with an open mind. I sometimes don’t even look at the cover of the book because it can do the book injustice at times. When the opportunity came for me to read this book I read the synopsis and thought to myself “hmm sounds pretty good”. Well I hit the jackpot. This book was AMAZING!!! I LOVE Gareth and his Alpha male wolfie side lol..Then you have meadow that seems very passive but actually can be a spitfire. She does have the red hair to show for it.

In the story Meadow and Gareth have been seeing each other in their dreams. Meadow is a dream walker and Gareth is of course a wolf. He’s not just any wolf…he is the Alpha of his pack. When he says to do something they jump and do it. The only one to this exception is Meadow. She is Gareth’s weakness and when they do finally meet in person Meadow doesn’t know what to think. This whole time she thought she was just dreaming this wolf/man and that he wasn’t real. Until one day fate brings them together. Meadow has a responsibility to her people to marry a man with the same type of powers as her, in order to have babies and help their race from going nonexistent. The man Meadow is to marry is named Scott and he is also a dream walker. Scott is way too nice of a guy and perfect. He basically gave me a toothache. I did like Scott but there was no attraction between the two of them and a little boring. They were only marrying each other out of obligation to their people. Unfortunately, Scott does have some feelings for Meadow and hopes she decides to marry him but Meadow doesn’t feel the same way. Meadow feels like she is betraying her people if she doesn’t marry Scott, and if the council found out she is in love with a wolf then her life could be in danger as well as her family’s lives. When Gareth finds out about this arranged marriage he is livid and he will try everything in his power to convince Meadow to stay with him. Meadow basically owns his heart and soul and the same for Gareth. Their feelings for each other are so strong, and it is hard to watch them go through these obstacles to be with each other. Actually it is more Meadow that has a lot to deal with. Gareth is Alpha and he really doesn’t care what his pack says. He knows they aren’t happy about it but it sure doesn’t keep him from seeking Meadow out. Gareth is determined to make Meadow his forever.

I read the book in almost 3 hours because I wanted to find out what happened. I did like the ending but I am really really hoping that this is all there will be for this book because there are so many unanswered questions and I feel like Meadow and Gareth’s story is far from over. I completely fell in love with this book and would recommend it.

Here is a quote from Gareth to Meadow----“Get used to it, Meadow. I’ll do anything to make you happy and give you everything you want. This thing between us is the beginning of forever. You’re everything.” --------- sigh….. I love Gareth and his sweet talking lol

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