Sunday, December 8, 2013

(Falling Series 1.5) by Dee Avila Now Available--Candice's Story

Candice Warner ends her freshman year single, and ready for a summer of fun. When her current crush asks her to be his girlfriend, Candice soon learns what one bad decision can do to your life.
Alex Martinez is the hot and sexy senior that has eyes for Candice. Devastatingly enough, it’s not the only thing he has for her. He convinces her to try drugs and live a little.
Candice is determined to stay away from the drugs, but each time Alex’s withdrawals send him on a rampage, where she is his target, she finds the need to use drugs stronger than ever.
Knowing the drugs are what’s causing the abuse and trying to get him to quite with her, Candice stays. She battles a mental fight about right and wrong. Feeling the domino affect her decisions have on her life, Candice twists and spirals downward, headed for rock bottom. Will she get out and speak up? Can she save herself?

Readers of Candice's Story please be advised that CS is a tough read. It discusses drug use and abuse. It is raw and emotional.
Parents please read CS before allowing your child to read as it does go in depth with drug usage and some abuse scenes.
Thank you. ~ Dee

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