Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Review of Strange Addiction (The Twelve Olympians #4) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion 4.5 Stars out of 5

Strange Addiction (The Twelve Olympians, #4)Strange Addiction by Sandrine Gasq-Dion
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really love this series so much and the dynamic of friendships formed since the first book of A Marked Man. The Olympians is a spin-off series from Assassin/Shifter series and Sandrine has managed to work in a third series that will have characters from this series to make guest appearances. This is the Santorno Series and I really can't wait for more on this particular series. Sandrine is a very talented writer to be able to combine so many characters and keep it all in order. In Strange Addiction we finally get to meet Brock Holloway and Zack Duran. On the outside it looks like Brock has everything he wants and is happy but nobody knows how much he is suffering inside. He craves love and attention but it seems the guys that sleep with him are only attracted to him because of his looks. After they use him then that's it. He is so lonely and feels hopeless and takes extreme measures to take away his pain. I cried for him because nobody should feel like this and it broke my heart that he thought he was so alone. Zack is not as hard ass as he acts. He fights his feelings for Brock very hard but it's not his own feelings he has to deal with he constantly he also has to fight his inner wolverine shifter who is fighting him the entire time. Zack was more wolverine than human but he fought as hard as hell to take control of his wolverine side for Brock's sake. One night Zack's true feelings come out when he had to save Brock's life. This was the turning point for both of them. The love that grew between them became stronger every day. I only wish there was a little more background on Zack but that's just me. If I'm not mistaken Zack never had a chance to submit to Brock when they made love if you know what I mean. A little TMI I know but I was curious as to why he was not able to have his chance:) You will enjoy this book and love all the characters in there. Of course my beloved Nikolai makes an appearance and is funny as hell. Nikolai is my favorite character out of all the series. The things he says are so unfiltered which why I like him so much. Can't wait for the next book in either of the series that Sandrine has. She is a great writer and I look forward to her next book.

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