Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Review for The Upside of Letting Go

This is an ARC I was provided to read and give a review. I completely loved the entire book. The writing was phenomenal. Practically no errors with grammar, typos, and spelling. Kyler and Haley make a power couple. Both of them lost so much and to be able to find that peace with each other is what made the book so good. I also loved Jude and felt bad for him but she moved on. It was hard watching him suffer as well. I know it's hard letting go to that first true love. Been there done that. Also, I would like to say that the way Kyler and Haley lost their families is very tragic. My husband lost his entire family in a car accident because of a drunk driver just like Kyler. What makes this book special is because my husband was the same way as Kyler except we were already married. To be able to read the emotions Kyler felt and relate to it so well, makes this writer very special. So definitely a MUST READ!!!

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