Monday, June 10, 2013

Another excerpt from Love Me Always by Anna Davis

This is one I can't wait for and really excited about.  The author is very new but has so much potential, and did really well on her first book.  Love Me Always is the sequel to I Hate You.....I Think

Another excerpt from "Love Me Always"


I walked back into my bedroom to find Ever sound asleep. She was curled in a little ball with her back facing me. Changing into some shorts and pulling off my shirt I crawled under the covers with her scooting as close to her as possible. In her sleep, she mumbled and reached back grabbing my arm. She pulled it to her chest and cuddled it. Chuckling I brushed her hair off her cheek and neck placing a kiss along her jaw under her ear.

Her skin was so soft and smooth under my lips. I couldn't resist running my lips over her skin along her jaw to her throat. It was like velvet.

Sliding my other arm under her head, I pulled her tight against my body. She fit perfectly against me thus proving further that she belonged with me. She was mine and I was hers. I would always be hers even after the day I died my soul would still belong to her. Always.

I was such a dumb ass to turn to drugs when she rejected me. It just hurt so badly. I mean I know she doesn't remember me but that doesn't make any of this easier. I want so bad to kiss her, to touch her, to love her the way I use to but right now-. looking down at her pale cheeks and the dark circles under her eyes made my heart ache. She was so fragile, emotionally and physically right now. She needs me more than ever. Instead of taking it, slow and trying to take her on dates like those that I used to, I just cut all ties.

Yeah it's been a week since I last saw her, but before that it was a month. This is the hardest experience I have ever had to deal with.

Ever cringed in her sleep and started murmuring. Kissing her cheek she calmed and the crease between her eyes brows smoothed out. Sighing I laid my head down on a pillow shutting my eyes. We would take it one-step at a time. I will help her know me. I know she already loves me. Why would she be here if she didn't? Memories or not-- love doesn't go away.

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