Sunday, June 30, 2013

My review for Ambrosia by Erin Noelle--4 stars out of 5

First of all I would like to say that Erin Noelle is awesome. I'm sure this book was hard for her to write knowing the direction may cause some fans to be pissed off. I cried off and on through the book for Scarlett, Mason, and Max. But in all honesty I cried the most for Mason. I'm sure you can see that I'm Team Mason. I understand their is a connection between Scarlett and Ash, but there is something I feel is missing when they are together. They may be soul mates but something about her and Mason is magical. Oh God don't get me started on her and Max. My heart broke for him as well. He was in so much pain and just wanted some type of connection with Evie and Scarlett was there. I could have hit her upside the head for doing what she did to Max. He didn't deserve that. Then I was screaming at Scarlett when she left Mason without talking to him to find out what really happened between him and Bentley. She knew that Bentley was a conniving bitch. To just get up and just freakin leave before they even talked was one of the stupidest thing she has done. See how I mentioned just For her to whine about Mason choosing his music first over her. Uh hello???? He was a musician when she met him. What did she want? Mason to just sit around and not go after his dream while she was pursing her dream. He never asked her to drop out of school. So what the hell!!! Mason was doing everything he could to keep them together, while he was away. At this point, Scarlett doesn't deserve Mason. She completely broke him by leaving him and then he even tried begging her back. God I cried for him. Scarlett was so mean to him and said horrible things to him, and this is even after she slept with Max. She had no right to treat him like that after everything he did for her. He took her back with open arms, and treated her like a princess. After the argument with Scarlett and him, devastated him,but the thought of losing her made him grovel and say he could forgive her. FORGIVE HER??!!!!! FORGIVE HER!!! SHE SLEPT WITH MAX BEFORE OFFICIALLY BREAKING UP WITH MASON!!! THEN RUNS BACK TO ASH! RIGHT AFTER SHE SLEPT WITH MAX...WTF!! I've had it with her. She has caused so much destruction while she is supposedly discovering herself. Oh please...that is not an excuse. The ending kind of threw me off and gave me some hope that she may get back with Mason. However, it leaves me torn because even though I'm Team Mason, I don't really want them to be together but then I see it tears me apart. Scarlett broke him twice, and he still would forgive her. I cried for about 5 minutes when I finished the book, and now I want to put the whole experience behind me. I'm heartbroken for Mason, and anybody who has ever had their heart broken should know exactly how Mason feels right now.  Okay I'm done :)

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