Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Review for A Wedding in Valentine by Emma Crane//4 stars out of 5


This was an adorable love story, and I wish it was a little bit longer.  I know it was a novella but it still left me wanting more.  Heather Armstrong goes to a small town called Valentine to help an old friend, Emily Murphy with her wedding.  When she meets Emily at the airport she is very surprised to find out that Emily's brother is Chris Sweet, a man she met several months ago and had a weekend fling with and never heard from him again.  Chris is just as surprised as Heather to find out Heather is Emily's best friend.  At first they play it off as if they don't know each other but eventually discuss the elephant in the room.  They were both upset with each other because one was expecting the other to call but never did.  Apparently Heather left her number the morning she left but Chris never found it.  He assumed she just left without saying goodbye.  Oh at first when he sees her and they are alone he treats very rudely.  However, they eventually talk it out and discovered that they both still have a strong attraction to one another.  The only problem they both encounter is to keep Emily from finding out they know each other especially since it is on her wedding weekend.  Heather doesn't want her to find out that Chris is the guy she had the weekend fling with, and ruin Emily's special wedding weekend.  Chris agrees to play it cool and act like they just met and that they are just getting to know one another for the first time.  Since, the town is so small people start to talk and wonder.  It's hard to keep secrets in a small community, which is a little funny to see how nosy some of the towns people are.  I love Heather and Chris together and wished the book was longer, but it was worth it.  Such a sweet story and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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