Monday, June 24, 2013

My Review for Anguish by Lila Felix--4 stars out of 5


 This was a nice change of scenery for me. The books I've been reviewing lately have been very intense. However, Anguish made me smile. Ashland and Breaker are such an adorable couple. What's funny is that in the book it describes her voice as very high pitched and annoying to a lot of people. I have a cousin with the same kind of voice. She sounds like she is 5 years old or we call her Minnie Mouse. We tease her all the time in the family. She's just so adorable that even her voice can be overlooked because of how bubbly she is. Which in fact describes Ashland the main female character. Then Ashland meets Breaker....I feel so bad for Breaker. His condition is a very sad condition and is not a laughing matter. The way he was treated by his ex-girlfriend and supposedly best friend I would have lost it too. Maybe not as extreme, but hey everybody is different. When he realized he was becoming co-dependent on Ashland, it was hard for him to face the truth because for the first time he actually felt love. Oh lord he loved her so much, and by being co-dependent he new it would not be good for them if they were to have any type of long lasting relationship. When he had to let her go was the only part in the book that I got really sad. Ashland was so supportive throughout the entire book, and even her choice of stepping aside for him was a brave thing to do. This took courage and a whole lot of love for her to do this. Oh I forgot to mention that their first interactions in the beginning of the book were quite funny. All in all it was like reading about a flower blooming because you watch it start and bloom to something beautiful. Unfortunately, flowers do wilt away, but then you get the chance to see how they build it back up and start to bloom again. If you need a book that is suitable for young adults then this is one to read.

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