Monday, June 24, 2013

My review for Let Love In by Melissa Collins 5 stars out of 5---Can't wait for sequel

This book took me by surprise. From the moment I started to the very end it was an emotional roller coaster. I love Maddy and Reid together. Their love is so pure and real. They've suffered so much loss in their lives that when this unexpected connection between them catches them both off guard they are both in complete shock. Maddy and Reid both have wounded souls but with each other they become whole and complete. They feed off of each others strengths, and help each other break down the walls they have built up around their hearts one step at a time. While reading the book I could actually feel both of their pain from their pasts. I like that the book is done in both POVs. Sometimes it is better this way because you know what they are both thinking and feeling. Maddy's best friend Mel is the best friend that anybody could ever ask for. They are like sisters and their bond is so strong and unique. Mel's mother Momma Crane becomes Maddy's surrogate mother and treats Maddy no differently than Mel. Maddy has a hard time accepting that Momma Crane really wants her part of the family since she is out on her own in college and has moved on. Momma Crane and Mel made it very clear to Maddy that she is their family. Of course Maddy has suffered so much loss that it makes it really hard for her to believe something good is really meant for her. You will enjoy this book from beginning to end. Definitely can't wait for sequel Let Love Stay.


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