Sunday, October 20, 2013

Excerpt from A Changed Life (May contain spoilers)

I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed between Michael and Nicolette. I wanted to punch something, and his face was my intended target. What the hell does he think he is doing? Michael is still trying to take my girl out from under me after I have warned him over and over again to back off. I cursed at myself because I knew I had no right to be mad especially after how I left her last night. I don’t actually have any claim to her, and that was entirely my fault for not making her mine sooner. I guess I thought she already knew. I have to tell Nicolette how I feel about her, but first I have to handle Michael.
“What are you doing here, St. Clair?”
“Hey, Simon. Lovely to see you too!”
“I told you to stay away from Nicolette. She’s off limits.”
“Why because you said so? I think based on the conversation I just had with Nicolette, she is single and very available. Again, she’s fair game, and if I want to pursue her, I will.”
“Not if my fist has anything to say about it. You will not see her again, Michael.”
“Be careful, Simon. You don’t want to go there again with me.” I feel my anger rising through every fiber of my body, and I wanted to kick his ass all over this campus. I go to strike at him and suddenly, my hand is being pulled back by Sam.
“Dude, chill the hell out. He’s not worth it, Simon.”
“Stay out of it Sam, this is between us.”
“Yeah Sam, I think Simon can fight his own battles, don’t you think?”
“Stay away from her man; I’m not going to tell you again.”
“Sure Simon, whatever you say.” Michael laughed as he stepped into his Mercedes and drove off.
“Sam… what the hell man! I didn’t need your help back there. I can handle Michael just fine on my own. The son of a bitch was with Nicolette, Again! He doesn’t get it, she’s my girlfriend!”
“Does she know that dude?”
“Know what?”
“That’s she’s your girlfriend? What the hell do I know man, I’m not even seeing anyone at the moment. If I had a girl like Nicolette, I would let her know who she belongs to, but since you are too much of an ass to tell her how you feel, St. Clair’s right, she’s available.”
“The hell she is Sam! I love her. Oh shit! Did I just say that out loud?
“What was that, Simon? I don’t think I heard you; you what?”
“Shut up Sam. I love her and I’m telling you straight, fucking St. Clair is not going to get another girl of mine. I’m going to tell Nicolette exactly how I feel about her today.”

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