Sunday, October 20, 2013

My review of A Changed Life by Mary A. Wasowski---4 STARS OUT OF 5

A Changed Life definitely is an amazing story. Nicolette moves to California at the beginning of her senior year which is a very hard change for any teenager. She had to move from a place where she grew up her whole life and leave all her friends she had known her whole life just to leave them and be uprooted to a new place where she knew absolutely nobody. One day at a party her parents forced her to go to she met two guys that are both unique in their own ways. Michael is the first guy she meets and the first impression he made was that he was a cocky jerk. He was very pushy and controlling and they had just met. Then later during the party Simon spots her and has this unexplainable pull towards her and is determined to meet her. When they meet there is an instant attraction towards each other. Their love story is not just a regular love story but a testament of how even young love can face horrific situations and overcome them. Simon wholeheartedly loves Nicolette and Michael does everything he can to break them up. Michael’s obsession becomes very unhealthy and delusional. Nicolette makes the mistake of not letting her parents and Simon know that Michael will not stop harassing her even though he has been told by Simon and her parents to stay away from her. Then something so traumatic happens that changes the course of Nicolette’s life as well as Simon’s. You will see the strength Nicolette has and the love that Simon has for her during this critical time. Simon proves how much he loves her by staying by her side the entire time. Simon never leaves her and gives her strength to keep going on. However, sometimes this isn’t enough. Nicolette had to face the situation head on and needed to do this by herself. Otherwise, she would continue to hurt the people she loved including Simon. There is not a day that Simon stops loving Nicolette. This book takes you on a journey showing that young love is for real and just because they are teenagers doesn’t mean their love for each other isn’t genuine. Sometimes adults don’t want to see their children grow up too fast before they are able to live their lives, but when you love somebody the heart knows what it wants. There is not an age where love can be considered real. There is no age limit, and Nicolette and Simon prove this to everybody including their friends and family.

The only issue I had with the book was the story kept switching to 1st person then to 3rd person. Quotations weren’t put in the correct places. I would get confused by thinking the character was describing the situation but then it turns out they were speaking to somebody. This made me read the part again just so I could understand and not miss out on anything. Other than the grammar issues I can say that this story was a very emotional and heartbreaking love story and I am glad I was able to read the book for an honest review. 

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