Sunday, October 13, 2013

My review of I'm With You by Glenna Maynard--5 stars out of 5

This book was an emotional roller coaster. Bella is suffering from the loss of her boyfriend. It was a freak accident that she watched happen and has blamed herself everyday. She thought she could have saved him but later in the book something is revealed which shocks me about what happened to her boyfriend Harlan that died. She carried the burden of his death with dear life which only made her want leave this world to be with Harlan in the afterlife. This is very important because she showed so many signs of being suicidal which is something Glenna presented in a way where you could understand her pain. Then one day she decides it is the final day of her life and goes to the exact place where Harlan died. Out of nowhere she hears a voice telling her I'm with you. If you jump I jump and Bella looked at this mystery guy like he was crazy. This scene reminded me of Jack and Rose on Titanic when he says if you jump I jump and Rose looks at him like he is the one that is crazy. BTW Bella's last name in the book is Rose..LOL How funny is that. Anyways, at first I am a little skeptical of Cutter because he comes out of nowhere almost like a guardian angel but possibly a serial killer...I'm just saying lol....He admits to watching her and following her around and later in the book you learn he did so much more for her than she ever realized. But it was all good. Actually it was so sweet and it only made me fall in love with him more. You watch how the relationship between them grows into something more than friendship and in a way they heal each other. Cutter has suffered a great loss as well and when he tells her his story I was crying the whole time. Just like Bella he felt responsible. Together they are complete. There are a few twists and turns in the book which I liked because it wasn't just a normal love story. I'm glad I was asked to read this for an honest review because it is a special book. Don't miss out on this heartbreaking love story.---you may need tissues for this one. I know I did

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