Sunday, October 13, 2013


Oh this book was really good. Mia is quite the character. In the beginning, when she found out her husband Declan cheated on her she was devastated. However, I know she was angry, hurt, confused, and betrayed but she wouldn't give Declan a chance to explain. She didn't need to let him do it the same night or days later but when she avoided and refused to see him I was getting really upset with Mia. So much time passed by before she was tricked into meeting with him to talk about what happened. I'm not saying what Declan did was right but being married and having two children there should at least be some type of communication before throwing in the towel. Mia was not innocent. She kept having reoccurring sex dreams about her first crush in high school. During her entire high school years she was infatuated with Noah. Noah never did make a move and he left without saying goodbye and he was supposed to be her friend. He ignored her and only periodically acknowledged her when it was convenient for him.

Years later she meets Declan during college. He was adorable when he first asked her out. Declan truly loved Mia with all his heart. As the years of marriage went by and having two children they were drifting away from each other. Neither communicating how they felt. Mia was miserable being a stay at home mother. To me it was almost like she resented Declan for getting married and having children just to end up being a housewife. Instead of talking to Declan she drifted away and Declan was miserable with his job but he was the sole provider for the family. It was very stressful for both of them and neither expressed how they felt. You can almost pinpoint when they started drifting apart.

As for Mia’s best friend Grace I did love her at times but I felt like she was meddling into something that should be a private matter. At the end of the book, Grace does something that I really got upset about. Although the outcome was really good it still shouldn’t have been done like that. Grace truly is a good friend to Mia but there should be some type of line that you don’t cross into with somebody’s marriage no matter whom they are to you. The couple has to figure the stuff out on their own.

When Declan gave Mia the story of his affair I was relieved. Mia used this as the main reason to kick him out when she was already miserable before this happened. How is having a sexual dream about another man not a form of cheating? Especially when Mia had the dreams very often. What Declan did was not right but to throw a whole marriage away claiming it was his fault was really starting to piss me off. You could tell Declan was in pain. And before you judge me for taking Declan’s side please read about what really happened with the woman he met at a hotel bar on a business trip. Then you will understand and see that yes he made a mistake but he stopped before it went any further. His only thought was Mia and the kids, and that sure woke him up.

I really enjoyed this book and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Honestly I fell in love with Declan because there are not too many men like him in the world. The story was a little different because the ending is something that usually doesn’t happen too often. However, it needed to end that way.

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