Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Review of Never Let Go by Scarlett Edwards 3.5 Stars out of 5 Also enter Tour-wide Giveaway

I thought this book was okay. The main character Paige is different from many girls. She enters into college with her cat Pickles to try and reinvent herself. Her experience with sex or even talking to a guy is very limited. Her upbringing was in an all-girls Catholic school. Paige’s grandmother is the one that raised her because her mom had her when she was very young. I believe she was 15 and Paige really considered her as a wild older sister. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like I connected with Paige. Her past was barely touched on and later in the book you find out she has some real emotional and mental issues. However, there is not much detail as to explain why. There are some things mentioned but it still didn’t explain why she is the way she is. Her fear of sex and closeness with a male is very severe. I’m not saying I couldn’t connect with her because she wasn’t having sex all the time. It’s nothing like that. It is her fear of the mention of sex and if she has any sexual thoughts she believes she is dirty. There is a scene where it is very serious and I’m talking about a mental breakdown because of the mere sight of a male’s body part. I wanted to understand her and I feel like I didn’t get the chance to do this.

The first day she arrives to her dorm she meets Andrew. Andrew is a very sweet guy and very respectful. I really did like Andrew when they first met and especially when he took her out on her first date. Then the next day she meets Spencer. Spencer is the typical bad boy who sleeps with any girl that offers herself to him without a second thought of having anything further than a quick f**k. He has a reputation around the school of being the top guy to sleep with. In other words he is considered a man whore. She walks in on her new room-mate and soon to be best friend Katy and Spencer having sex. Paige is completely repulsed by Spencer because not five minutes after he slept with Katy he was coming on to her. Katy didn’t really care because she knew he wasn’t the commitment type and all she cared about was getting some from Spencer. He plays the role of cocky and self-assured really well. Paige does everything in her power to push him away. The chase is the hook for Spencer at first but when he gets to know Paige he experiences feelings he has not had in a long time. There is a story in there but I couldn’t figure it out. It sounds like Spencer was in love once when he was 18 but something happened to make him change into a jerk. I hope this is elaborated on in the second book as well as Paige’s history.

Paige and Andrew don’t work out because he ends up being her RA for her dorm and it is policy for the RAs to not have relations with any member of his group he is in charge of. Of course this group includes Paige. She takes it really hard and so does Andrew but he needs the job and doesn’t want to risk losing it. Paige takes it in stride and decides she will wait for him until the following semester. By then she is hoping he can switch groups and move to another dorm and then they can have an open relationship. During this time is where Spencer makes his move on Paige. He is relentless and just down right adorable and funny. However, Andrew still wants Paige and so does Spencer. Both of these guys are completely opposite from each other, and the fact they hate each other doesn’t make her decision any easier. You will have to read the book to find out the background between Andrew and Spencer. When you find out how they know each other you think “wow what a small world”. The story ends with a small cliff hanger and I hope we are given some answers in the second book as well as closure to this story.

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